Product Overview
Landmax processes the collected assessment data and tax mapping to provide the following products:

I. Landmax online
Our web based system maintains a sophisticated application which incorporates more than 100 fields of information in the displayed main record. It’s search engine allows the user to choose from any 25 variables. All data can be downloaded in several file formats. These are some additional features available:
  • Aerial Photo (MS Bing) - link to high resolution images by using Latitude/Long co-ord’s.
  • COMPARABLES / Execute CMA - auto searches similar sales (updated monthly) to subject . The Execute CMA feature takes the 8 best comps, runs an analysis, and plots the results on a street map.
  • Radius Search - lists all parcels from subject in distance options. Pertinent Links - auto passes subject directly to Street Map, Census Tract, Flood Map, Listings.
  • User Specific Notes - users with same login share rights to append notes on any parcel.
  • Landmax WebMap - Our online system links directly to the tax map of the subject property with this state of the art application. The majority of the online tax maps are also geo-referenced and maintain the added interactive intelligence provided by the top row of icons in the viewer.

II. Landmax PC 
This application provides many of the same features as our Internet system. This system is great for users who prefer not to have to access the Internet for their data. The application is installed directly on the PC/server. Periodic updates are sent or installed to keep the data current.

III. Tax Map Products
We process tax map data and provide the following formats. See the coverage page for the counties and formats available.
  • Disc Version - This format displays the tiff image of the tax maps with a built in viewer. All towns and villages are listed and include the Index Map and an alpha Street Index file for additional references.
  • Paper Atlas - We still print the tax maps on 11"x17" sheets bound in what we call the 'Real Property Atlas'. Each municipality begins with the Index Map and the alpha Street Index.
  • Online - our Landmax WebMap application provides online access to the tax maps. The online tax maps can be subscribed to separately or linked within the Landmax property data system.

IV. Custom Systems/Data
Custom applications and data files are available upon request.